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  • Blog July 26, 2021

    Predicting the growth of Workplace Diversity without reducing the Talent Pool

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Diversity has become the top-most priority in every company all over the world. Employers stated that it helps them gain a plethora of perspectives, high productivity and performance, and a more innovative and valued workforce. While research by Boston Consulting Group stated that companies with a diverse workforce bagged 19% higher revenue than the ones yet to implement workplace diversity, a statistical report by Harvard Business Review read that diversity and inclusivity helped 70% of the companies capture a new market to some extent.
A study by BDC said that by 2032, immigrants would develop 80% of Canada’s population, where one out of four Canadian will be of foreign origin. Hence, this is the reason various companies in Canada started promoting diversity programs by replanning recruitment, improving retention, optimizing staffing partners, and many other pioneering plug-ins which can help them hit the diversity and inclusion boxes.

If your company is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, then you should address the most common challenge of your diversity and inclusivity goals – unconscious biases. To avoid the impact of unconscious biases, the hiring of such candidates shouldn’t just include documentation and interview but a team of recruiters from diverse backgrounds who would release the job ads with an inclusive, gender-neutral language. The job application should also carry a filter for diversity checks – race, community, country origin, sexual orientation, disability, etc.

During the first round of interviews, the recruiter shall talk excessively about brand reputation and its diversity and inclusivity goals, thus making a candidate from a minority group feel good and go ahead with the further steps of hiring. The recruiting team should be well-trained in talent sourcing of diverse candidates that includes effective onboarding and training. Onboarding a staffing team for building such a workforce can help a lot, as they usually own an end-to-end talent management platform integrated with job boards used worldwide. For example, StafflinePro, a proprietary ATS of Compunnel, provides integrated services – 24*7 chatbot support for candidates, an in-built temp worker referral program, an SME program for talent vetting, and an in-app application process tracking system.

Staffing experts who have a diverse knowledge of various industries and dived deeper to get trained about cultural differences in the specific work environment can help you write precise and credible job descriptions to bid the exact expectations among prospective applicants. Companies usually pour dollars on adding unnecessary recruiters from various backgrounds who can help them build a diverse workforce. For such cases, staffing agencies like Compunnel own an entire recruitment marketplace through an app called JobHuk,

where gig recruiters coming from multi-cultural backgrounds help in sourcing candidates effectively. Even if you are building a contingent workforce and want to blend it with your diversity advancement programs, a staffing partner acts as an extension to your talent acquisition team.

Establishing partnerships with a staffing company with a diverse talent pipeline can help you execute diversity recruitment amazingly, as it will save the cost of your diversity recruiting programs and place the potential talent in a shorter time. To help your company recruit a diverse workforce, a staffing partner will first define your team’s existing diversity population and then enlist detailed inclusivity objectives accordingly. While working towards building a diverse workforce, a company should not compromise the quality of hire. Hence, finding the right staffing team who holds a deep knowledge of various industries can help you create a pipeline for expert talent, even in the most complex circumstances. From soft skills and emotional quotient tests to background verification, the right staffing partner will never let you compromise with the quality of hire.

Compunnel engages with a 2x larger talent pool adapted to meet the requirement of your workforce diversity program. Compunnel’s adaptive search capabilities show the effectual blend of mobility, crowd-sourcing, and machine learning, enabling us to access a vast talent pool. The machine-learning algorithm screening hundreds of profiles match the vital skills and competencies of a given job role and reduces time-to-hire by 10%. We can constantly increase our available talent pool and approach passive candidates with our crowd-sourcing referral app iEndorseU. With our high-tech recruitment infrastructure, we can maintain 100% compliance against a 100% volume requirement for diversity recruiting programs. For just-in-time talent demands, our in-house labor management application Jobletics supports geo-targeted and skill-based talent search.

Thus, Compunnel can help you expand your talent database and tap into talented candidates from diverse cultures and communities with the 5 in 1 solution of zero-cost recruitment model – Smarter Recruitment, Pioneering Products, Recruitment Marketplace, Referral Network, and On-Demand Talent Pool. So, now when you know that diversity recruiting won’t make your talent pool narrower, take some time for vendor optimization and increase the importance of a strong staffing management strategy if your company is looking forward to procuring diverse talent.

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Varun Vig

Director – Strategy and Client Partnership
Varun Vig drives client relations and partnerships, business strategy, and new business development for Compunnel Canada. With 10+ years of staffing experience in diverse portfolios, including Technology, Healthcare, and Engineering, he has managed successful transitions for clients through a strategic and consultative approach across multiple geographies. Conversationalist at heart, Varun has had great success in developing client-centric business solutions.

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