“Demand for ‘impactful’ procurement continues to run high, both in terms of managing cost as well as
unleashing the potential of the supply market to differentiate business performance.”

- Deloitte (2016)

As reported by ProcureCon Canada, usage of contingent workers can bring flexibility in a business model, as well as eradicate tactical or non-significant, time-consuming processes, while sourcing strategically dedicated workers.

33% of companies stated that they spend less than $20 million on a contingent workforce, 25% are paying between $100 million and $300 million, while the rest of 9% are pouring over $300 million. Increased investment in the contingent workforce is directly proportional to business agility. This gives a push for vendor optimization and increases the importance of strong vendor management strategy in companies that are looking forward to procuring a contingent workforce.

Vendor optimization might sound complicated, but it has amazing
benefits for your, organization, especially during this economic
crisis caused by Covid-19.

Why should you optimize your vendor pool ?

Optimizing your pool of vendors can lead to cost reduction, manageable supply chain, and top-notch compliance. While managing vendor relationships and planning a sourcing strategy takes a good amount of time, you can dedicate your time to an ideal vendor preferred from the pool. Also, cutting down on vendor pool will avoid the chances of operational and security risks in the supply chain.

Why should you re-evaluate your staffing suppliers?

Well, it helps you pick the most reliable vendor who can supply good quality hires, maintain transparent communication, and sustain the supply chain efficiently. Outsourcing your workforce management to Compunnel can spare your team from the possible pitfalls of bad quality hires, and focus on other business goals, while our experts possessing deep industry insights can do the needful.

Supply chain leaders are running a relay race, where they are proactively organizing their Covid-19 actions in various stages with intersecting approaches. From downsizing of the workforce to the optimization of the vendor pool, they are trying to hold the business efficiently.

The procurement and in-house staffing teams are still facing hurdles whenever they are looking forward to hiring contingent workers as they must balance between the two - sourcing the right vendor and sustaining the supply chain management.

Various issues revolving around contracts like legal and other risk mitigation activities in the supply chain need to be taken care of with a compliance strategy that will mitigate risk and deliver successful contingent workers.

A contingent workforce supplier with strong Global footprints having regional knowledge, cultural conception, and linguistic abilities, can be a boon to your business. It must possess the global effectiveness to contemplate and perform beyond the boundaries of location or corporate affairs.

Over 25 years, Compunnel has established local experience from a global stage, thus offering end-to-end recruitment solutions for various business verticals. At first, we comprehended the regional business environment and economy to provide services with a high-maintenance approach, and then offer location-specific recruitment teams to run seamless hiring operations in your project sites. Our commercial and geographical insights augment essential worth to our recruitment alliances.

Compunnel being a local supplier with global footprints acts as an extension to your Talent Acquisition team.

Our cost structure is aligned with your demands

Effective recruitment by Compunnel ensures that the projects are executed on time and within the given budget. The service delivery team at Compunnel can avoid the time-consuming headache and expensive pitfalls of an unsuitable hire.

Compunnel's integrated high-tech and high-touch approach challenge the modern complexities of Supply Chain Management

According to a recent survey by ProcureCon Canada, 65% of CPOs believe that AI and Cognitive Procurement
can be a huge boon for the procurement function, including contracts and negotiations.

    Compunnel engages with a 2x larger talent pool, that is adapted to meet the stringent demands of a contingent workforce program. We find talent that has been thoroughly vetted by subject matter experts, so your team has the perfect technical and cultural fit
    An intelligent machine-learning algorithm screen hundreds of profiles to match the vital skills and competencies of a given job role and reduces time-to-hire by 10%. We have achieved a compliance rate of 100% for the last 10 years.
    Our 3-step staffing strategy (sourcing, screening, and engagement), helps in placing the right talent for any job requirement on any respective scale. Whether it is for a single highly-specialized resource or hundreds of contingent workers, we supply candidates at any scale.

Our products bring in authentic business agility through smart talent management that is enabled by machine learning algorithms, predictive analytics, and scenario-based intelligence.

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