How about a benefit which sounds like
pizza with free toppings?

Cost-per-hire is perhaps the most significant parameter to be kept in mind while taking
strategic hiring decisions, which can possibly save your dollars and attract better talent.

The average cost per high-quality hire is expected to upsurge in 2020, thus making talent acquisition more difficult for various industries.

Glassdoor Report

An average company loses anywhere between 1% and 2.5% of their total revenue on the time it takes to bring a new hire up to speed.

MIT Sloan Management Review

While the coronavirus crisis is fatal for some industries,
companies providing essential services are looking forward
to augmenting their workforce with operational executives
for a post-pandemic ramp-up.

A report by Glassdoor stated, that 76% of hiring managers feel that attracting top talent is the greatest challenge.

Many people who are laid off due to the crisis, have been A-players in their field, and this can be the opportunity for essential services companies to onboard good quality hires in a less time, who can help them to boost the ROI.

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Compunnel provides high-end technology that automates the process, thus saving your cost on extra resources, as well as providing a larger talent outreach.

Our adaptive search capabilities are an effectual blend of mobility, crowd-sourcing, and machine learning that enable us to access a huge talent pool.

Our machine-learning powered screening engine ensures that only the top 10% of the sourced profiles are further vetted by our subject matter experts, and reduces submission time by 60%, as well as ensures great technical and behavioral fit.

So, if you are still wondering how we can save your cost-per-hire, have a look at this video

If you have ever wished for an end-to-end automated
recruitment cycle for your workers, we already have it ready!

Our high-tech products can meet your stringent demands and provides you the right hire at better costs,
descent temp-perm conversion fee, as well as a one-time direct hire fee at amazing rates.

  • Staffline Proremove
    Compunnel’s proprietary product StafflinePro is an all-in-one solution for various recruitment activities - onboarding, time-sheet management, payroll processing, benefit administration, and career development. It also provides integrated services like 24*7 chatbot support for candidates, in-built temp worker referral program, SME program for talent vetting, and in-app application process tracking system.
  • jobhukadd
    Our in-house product JobHuk(holding a recruitment marketplace of 2400+ gig recruiters), reduces cost by providing an effective reverse bidding mechanism in place to keep the finder fee minimum. The cost is on Compunnel, and you spend zero money. This has reduced the time-to-fill rate by 40%, even in times of hiring niche skills.
  • jobleticsadd
    For just-in-time talent demands, our in-house labour management application Jobletics is used for geo-targeted and skill-based talent search.
  • iendorseuadd
    We can constantly increase our available talent pool, as well as approach passive candidates with our crowd-sourcing referral app iEndorseU.

Are you penalized for using bad vendors?

At Compunnel, our services still maintain a combination of human touch and high tech, and hence we run a manual vetting process by subject matter experts, after an AI-based automated vetting. Our staffing team holds a deep knowledge of various industries that can help you create a pipeline for expert talent, even in the most complex conditions. From soft skills and emotional quotient tests to background verification, we don’t compromise with the quality of hire.

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