Human Touch

with High-Tech

  • Direct Placement




If you are already holding a strong talent acquisition team, we can double your efficiency by operating as an extension to your recruiting team for delivering the most productive direct placement services. As a staffing partner, we will provide you with end-to-end recruiting services by taking care of sourcing, screening, and engagement, as well as salary negotiations. Compunnel connects with and implements high-qualified applicants more productively by offering ample savings equated to other staffing companies. Since your powerful brand ought to receive high-quality services, we grasp the dilemmas of human dynamics in your workplace and provide the right applicant who will thrive alongside the company core values.

Whether you are looking forward to upscale workers for a new project, or top-up the employee numbers, you can depend on our recruiting experts to find the perfect fit and focus on other things in your business, with regards to core tasks. Before we start sourcing resources, we perform thorough research on your business and its respective demands, and then establish an aura of appeal around your company to magnetize the finest talent. Our talent search is personalized to cater to your exclusive needs, where we manage to filter the resources that possess the capability of addressing the various business challenges that your organization might encounter. It is seen that direct placement is more enticing to passive candidates and hires the highly-qualified ones, as it renders privileges like job security, social presence in a work environment, and immediate access to multiple employee benefits.

Design Validation


Our recruitment process is a blend of human touch and high-tech methodologies. When a request for labor is released from the client, we analyze the job requirement, optimize the job description, and post about the job on our internal sourcing channels and the external sourcing channels. These sourcing channels create a ‘Total Qualified Talent Pool’ that is put through the Compunnel screening process.

Phases of Compunnel Screening Process

  • Automated & Recruiter Screening
  • Online Skill Assessment
  • SME Vetting
  • Account Manager Vetting
  • Training and Development
  • HR Investigation Process
Automated & Recruiter Screening

AI-based screening provides non-biased hiring, 90% faster screening, and a better assessment fit. As soon as machine learning algorithm screens and removes 90% of irrelevant profiles from all sourcing channels, our dedicated recruiter starts screening the relevant ones.

Online Skill Assessment

We conduct technical skill assessments online for improving the quality of hire. Online gamification tools help in carrying out psychometric and behavioral analysis.

SME Vetting

Vetting by Subject Matter Experts (SME) is performed as a manual assessment to ensure a higher quality of hire. We conduct in-person or video-based interviews for emotional intelligence screening, and to check if the candidate is technically fit for the job.

Account Manager Vetting

An interview is set up with the Account Manager or Service Delivery Lead, which involves a personal interaction to check on professional ethics and behavior, before submitting the candidate for client evaluation.

Training and Development

An optional phase of the screening process done depending on the job requirement and happens before client evaluation. Here tech-skill grooming is accomplished for the university hires, or even compliance and safety training for specific job roles.

HR Investigation Process

HR Investigation is the only screening phase, which is done post-hiring, while the rest are pre-hiring screening phases. This process involves candidate onboarding and engagement.