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  • Blog December 22, 2020

    Five Ways to Build an Amazing Contingent Workforce in your company

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The demand for contingent workforce has increased every year, as companies are looking forward to staying agile in the competitive market. Each year, the usage of contingent workers is on the rise, and to remain agile and competitive, organizations need to keep a close eye on this growing category. The year 2020 shocked us by presenting a tornado of never-predicted-before changes when the unwelcomed COVID-19 toppled our normal life and flew us to this new reality. With this new reality, there was a drastic change in hiring strategies, workplace trends, and business demands. An unfortunate virus outbreak changed everything overnight!

Contingent staffing in Canada has been the most demanded option since the early months of the pandemic, and it will eventually become the future of the modern workforce post-pandemic. Hence, to cope with this new reality, an employer should implement five prime strategies to build a strong contingent workforce in the company.

  1. The collaboration of Procurement and HR Teams – Even though procurement and HR are two separate functions, but they are highly interconnected. Benefiting efficiency from temporary staffing will be quite challenging if there is a lack of collaboration between the procurement and HR team of your company. Based on shared understanding and respect, these two teams should build a solid partnership appreciating and comprehending each other’s capability and demand. HR should be directing procurement towards strategic sourcing of temp workers and decide on the temp-to-perm conversion of contingent workers. On the other hand, the procurement should take charge of mentoring the HR functions on the smart management of temp staffing agencies and vendor pool optimization while dealing with temp worker recruitment.
  2. Connecting with the right staffing firm instead of partnering with top staffing firms – Consulting with a top-rated staffing firm might look beneficial, but that cannot guarantee that you are connecting with the right staffing partner, or rather a specialized staffing consultant. The right staffing partner can strategically act as an extension to your talent acquisition team, especially the one with a large talent pool carrying the right resource for your requirement, even when it comes to niche skills. To overcome the challenges of bulk ramp-up temp workers, employers must connect with good staffing and recruiting firms to smoothen the hiring process meet the human capital demand well on time. An ideal staffing firm with knowledgeable staffing recruiters and subject matter experts can effectively evaluate the skills and experience and onboard the right talent irrespective of any industry or location. So, the next time when you are on a looking forward to connecting with the best employment agencies or nearest temporary staffing agencies, make sure they handle candidate placement seamlessly.
  3. Systemized Talent Sourcing – Onboarding contingent workers is the best way of bridging skill gaps for project-based recruitment. However, there are times when an organization is hiring for remote locations in Canada, and you might end up having inconsistent access to talent. Hence, in such situations, a local Canadian staffing agency is a boon for the employer. A flexible staffing firm can set up onsite HR teams to help the employer with the seamless onboarding of candidates. Secondly, the usage of high-tech recruitment products can help you achieve a systemized approach in end-to-end talent management, from onboarding to offboarding. A well-defined practice of sourcing contingent workers with an application of talent search tools can help an organization build its dream contingent workforce.
  4. Clean Background Verification – Onboarding of contingent workers, executed within a limited time to cope with a strict project deadline might lead to several challenges. To avoid risk mitigations and bad hires, one needs to screen the candidates rigorously. When your client is trusting you with project implementation, you cannot overlook the screening process, and so you need to access a pre-vetted talent pool while hiring contingent workers. As the next screening process, employers should opt for recruitment solutions (driven by machine learning algorithms), which will find the best talent and right talent by checking skills, background, emotional quotient, and sensitive documents. Thus, clean background verification of your contingent staffs will promote reliability in your business and services.
  5. Clear Communication and Engagement with Contingent Workers – Contingent employees may be a part of short-term projects, but when it comes to setting expectations and work ethics companies should treat should them equally. Even though a contingent worker is hired under the payroll of a staffing company for cost-efficient recruitment, staffing companies take charge of various other responsibilities like – posting the right description on job boards, clearly communicating the key expectations to the candidates during the interview, maintaining transparent records for the hourly shifts and pay with the help of on-demand recruitment products, and handling evaluation reports which can be later used as a referral for temp to hire conversion of workers. Thus, the better you set these expectations with your contingent workers, the more efficient your workforce will be.

Since the last 50 years, a higher section of millennials in Canada prefers temporary placements over permanent ones. Employment stability in an organization is gradually becoming a myth, thus boosting the idea of a contingent workforce in the various functions of an organization like IT, Operations, Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance, and Research & Development. Working as a contingent staff gives the millennials greater flexibility and opportunities to nurture their personal lives. On the other hand, contingent staffing solutions has been cost-effective for many companies, that wanted to utilize highly-skilled talent as and when required. A smart employer would prefer the try-and-buy option, where they can hire contingent workers first and later consider them for a permanent role if they happen to be a pro. Whether you are burdened with your own strategic goals or trying to fight the dynamic economic condition, the above contingent workforce solutions can help you run miles.

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